Wayne and Pike Counties

North Eastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) is an area rich with history, natural beauty and strong communities. Wayne and Pike counties specifically are in close proximity to New York City, the Pocono Mountains, the Catskill Mountains and a wide variety of other natural and build resources. 

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Energy Awareness

Energy awareness is increasing rapidly in NEPA. 

Since 2003, 43 wind turbines produce nearly 64.5 MW of power in Waymart, PA. The Waymart Wind Energy Center is the largest wind generation facility in PA, and the second largest east of the Mississippi. The turbines are located along the ridge of Moosic Mountain and generate enough electricity to power 22,000 homes. 

Numerous small scale solar arrays have been installed on homes and small business roofs in NEPA and the interest in increasing the amount of solar production in our area is growing. Learn about some of these installation on our participating businesses page!