Here in northeastern PA, we are located in the Delaware Watershed. This means that all of the water from our rooftops, parking lots, septic tanks, lawns and streams flow right into the Delaware River and eventually end up the Delaware Bay. What is your local watershed?

By improving the efficiency of of our water using equipment, we can save money and protect our precious water sources and those living downstream from us.

Aqua: Efficient Water Use

Water is connected to all aspects of our lives. We use water not only to bathe and garden, but we also drink water for nourishment and use it for cooking. That's why it's essential that we use water efficiently. On this page you'll find tips on how to use water wisely in and outside your home, how to detect costly water leaks and detailed information on responsible landscaping solutions. LEARN MORE

Penn State Cooperative Extention

Learn about our Water Supply and Conservation on this interactive website: where water comes from, how we use it, and how we can conserve it.  LEARN MORE

View a recent publication entitled Water Conservation for Communities.