Becca Harvey, a senior at Honesdale High School, is the new intern for SEEDS starting this November.  She's really excited about the job and passionate about sustainability and the environment.

Her most recent project was the conversion of her 1991 VW Jetta into a veggie mobile, running on recycled vegetable oil from Elegantes and the Himalayan Institute. 

In order to do this, she had to install a separate tank for the veggie oil in the trunk of her car.  That way, she can switch from running on diesel to veggie oil.  This is important for long trips and cold weather.  In the winter, when the cold has caused the oil to gell, she'll have to start the car on diesel and let the oil heat up.

It was quite a project, involving putting in new coolant lines that ran from the new tank to the engine, with the oil fuel line inside.  A filter for the oil had to also be installed, as well as a coil to heat the fuel. 

She also installed a small computer on her dashboard that shows the fuel gauge and temperature for the oil, and allows her to switch fuels by pressing a button that flushes the oil back into the tank.  This is important, otherwise oil will gell up in the receptors.  

Becca is so excited so be driving her Biofuel sustainable car, and wants to make more changes in her lifestyle towards sustainability.  She is very excited to be working with SEEDS and the participating businesses and hopes to get even more businesses involved, working toward our 350 project.
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