Participating Businesses and Organizations

Turano Insurance

955 Main St.
Honesdale, PA 18431
(570) 630 0754

No. of employees: 7
Years in Honesdale: 37
Most Proud of: Installation of 44 solar panels on the roof of their downtown building.
Easiest Conservation Change: Putting computers to sleep! And offsetting remaining energy use with solar panels.
Greatest Challenge: Recycling of paper that contains sensitive information. Transportation- each employee comes from a different direction!
Future Plans: Phasing-in electronic ballasts in linear lighting, contracting with a secure paper shredding company that practices 100% recycling. 
Turano Insurance.
Installation of solar array on the Turano Insurance rooftop!

Nature's Grace

947 Main St.
Honesdale, PA 18431
(570) 253 3469

No. of employees: 8-10
Years in Honesdale: 29
Most Proud of: Recycling. It's a big commitment. Jamie estimates that he saves, sorts and recycles over 10,000 lbs of recyclables each year. Every week he drives it over to the recycling center. Kudos Jamie!
Easiest Conservation Change: CFL bulbs
Greatest Challenge: Refrigeration. Have to keep food cold. Refrigeration is a big challenge. Jamie has begun insulating his reach-in coolers at night to try to save energy.
Future Plans: Support our local economy, and create a lifestyle around it by striving to be a model for a sustainable business.
Jamie Stunkard
Jamie's cooler insulation...before & after!

The Dime Bank

Operations Center
120 Sunrise Ave.
Honesdale, PA 18431
(570) 253 1970

No. of employees: 40 of 130 
Years in Honesdale: 105 
Most Proud of: Everything they do!
Easiest Conservation Change: Recycling. It's as easy as putting out a recycling bin!
Greatest Challenge: Transportation and commuting. They would like to offer more condensed scheduling or telecommuting options but due to the nature of their business, this isn't always possible. The office does offer covered bike parking for employees.
Future Plans: Expand energy conservation practices across the entire business. The Dime Bank is nearly there, just a few more steps to take!
Friendly staff at the Dime Bank Operations Center
Operations Center of The Dime Bank, Honesdale, PA

Gravity Alley

106 6th St.
Honesdale, PA 18431
570 253 0445

No. of employees: 12
Years in Honesdale: 10
Most Proud of: 144 Solar PV Array on the roof. The Ice Cream Shop is run on solar energy!
Easiest Conservation Change: Programmable thermostats.
Greatest Challenge: Balancing setback temperature of heating and cooling. It's a fine art, getting the bowling alley to a comfortable temperature for bowlers without wasting energy heating or cooling the space when no one is around, but Martin has figured out just how long it takes the space to come to temperature.
Future Plans: Add an additional 100 panels to the roof of the 6th St. building to offset some of the energy need of the Bowling Alley.
Gravity Alley! Get your green ice cream fix here!

The Wayne Independent

220 8th St.
Honesdale, PA 18431
(570) 253 3055

No. of employees: 29
Years in Honesdale: 132 years
Most Proud of: The WI has been recycling since before recycling was cool. They collect cans and bottles in their office, use single sided paper for faxes and give their newspaper returns to a local farmer for bedding. Also proud that energy conservation is a team effort in their office...everyone is on board!
Easiest Conservation Change: Changing lightbulbs to CLF.
Greatest Challenge: Costs of retrofitting such as installing solar panels.
Future Plans: Replacing desktop printers with a one networked printer.
They Wayne Independent Honesdale office.

The Himalayan Institute

952 Bethany Turnpike
Honesdale, PA 18431
570 253 5551 or 800 822 4547

No. of employees:
Years in Honesdale: 34
Most Proud of: How conscious our residents are about our sustainability efforts. We all encourage each other, but also challenge each other to do more.
Easiest Conservation Change: Changing light bulbs.
Greatest Challenge: Monitoring and becoming aware of our energy, water and materials use.
Future Plans: Install a solar thermal system on the roof of the main building & eventually become a power producer instead of a power user!
Brian Fulp shows us the recycling area at the Himalayan Institute
Bikes are used daily at the Himalayan Institute. Covered bike racks are coming soon!

East Shore Lodging

2487 Route 6
Hawley, PA 18428
(570) 226 3293

No. of employees: 2-5
Years in the area: 4 generations
Most Proud of: 3 kw PV system that produces 2150 watts of electricity and provides energy to a portion of our office. Also, their in-room gust recycling program which has cut down considerably on regular garbage consumption.
Easiest Conservation Change: Signs posted for guest recycling, turning off lights, hanging up towels...guests like to take part!
Greatest Challenge: Nothing yet!
Future Plans: Implement solar thermal and expand our solar PV system.
Steve Gelderman in front of the solar array on the roof of East Shore Lodging.

Grace Episcopal Church

827 Church St.
Honesdale, PA 18431
(570) 253 2760

No. of employees: 4
Years in Honesdale: 156 (since 1854!)
Most Proud of: Recycling. The Grace Church recycles everything! From bottles to paper, ink cartridges to electronic waste...none of it gets thrown away. They even compost their coffee grounds and food scraps. 
Easiest Conservation Change: Replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs.
Greatest Challenge: Saving heat in the winter time. With a number of different groups using the church facilities, doors are opening and closing all the time. The church hopes to replace their missing storm door this winter to minimize heat loss.
Future Plans: Procure funding to install a solar PV system on the church's roof!
The 'Green Team' at the Grace Episcopal Church
Entrance to the Grace Episcopal Church in Honesdale


416 Old Willow Ave.
Honesdale, PA 18431
(570) 253 7368
(800) 549 5226


No. of employees:
Years in Honesdale:
Most Proud of:
Easiest Conservation Change:
Greatest Challenge:
Future Plans:
Joelee Motichka

Beach Lake United Methodist Church


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